How do I Set up a FLEXlm license on a client's computer?

When starting SimulationX for the first time you have to choose Professional Edition (with FLEXlm License File) or Analyzer Edition (with FLEXlm License File) whichever you wish to use.
The following FlexNet License Finder dialog determines the location of the license within the network. Choose the option Specify the License Server System and enter the name of the license server.
To prevent entering this information on every start of SimulationX create a file containing the following information:

SERVER licenseserver 0 27000

Replace licenseserver by the correct name of your license server. In some cases switching to another port different from 27000 can be necessary.

This file can act as a placeholder for a local machine-bound license file and forwards all license queries to the server license. There are three locations of licenses SimulationX checks upon startup:
1. Place the license at C:\flexlm\pam_lmd.lic.
2. Place the path to the license file in the environment variable PAM_LMD_LICENSE_FILE. This path is checked for a license by all ESI products.
3. Place the path to the license file in the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE. This path is checked by any software using the FlexLM license protection.
Creation date: 05/01/2017 16:31      Updated: 12/01/2017 10:42