Change to FlexNet with SimulationX 4.1

In order to further simplify the distribution, licensing and use of SimulationX in your company, SimulationX will change as of version 4.1 to the licensing model FlexNet Licensing (FLEXlm), the leading technology for flexible, powerful and secure software licensing. Please take this change into account in your planning and inform your IT department if necessary. 
If in the future you want to use SimulationX 4.1, it is necessary to switch to FLEXlm. If you are a user of a dongle license, please note that this license is not supported by FLEXlm.
Note for users of network licenses: Please install or update your FLEXlm server to the version FLEXLM Library v11.16.2.1. All software that we deliver from this point on contains FLEXLM Library v11.16.2.1.
Other than the licensing technology, there are no additional changes for you as a SimulationX user and many things become easier for your IT department. FlexNet Licensing is used for all products of the ESI Group as well as by many other well-known software manufacturers. This allows you to centrally install, manage and monitor licenses for a wide variety of applications with one tool.
We will contact you personally regarding this topic shortly before the next maintenance period. If you have any questions or would like to switch your license earlier, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Creation date: 25/10/2019 13:31 (andre.bernhardt)      Updated: 25/10/2019 13:32 (andre.bernhardt)