Thick connections in HeatTransfer and Hybrid

In SimulationX version 4.5.1, Modelica connections in the HeatTransfer and Hybrid or Vehicle Drives (Energy and Controls) libraries are drawn too thick.
This error has been fixed.
However, existing connections are not automatically corrected by newer SimulationX versions.

There are two ways to correct the display.
The pragmatic one: delete the connection and create a new one. This is a little effort and technically undemanding with a 1:1 assignment of the connection vectors [:].

The one for the curious: The line thickness of a Modelica connection is defined in the model source text in the annotation for the connection.
connect(heatCapacity1.portThB[:],heatCapacity2.portThA[:]) annotation(Line(

To find the corresponding position in the model source text, open a text view of the model (
Then open the "Find and replace" wizard and search for the character string "thickness=4".
Normally, this should not occur often in a model. Make sure that the character string is related to a connect statement and change the "4" to a "1".
After switching to the structure view, this change is checked and accepted and the line should have become thinner.
Creation date: 14/12/2023 08:01 (UG)      Updated: 14/12/2023 08:01 ()